1) Transform a 56k  (123lb) power snatch into at least a 60k (132 lb) snatch.

2) Transform a 70k (154lb) power clean and jerk into at least an 80k (176lb) clean and jerk.

If possible, by April 4, 2014 for the National Masters Meet.


Video based coaching with Coach Dan Bell of Rubber City Weightlifting in Ohio.
Coach Dan Bell is comfortable with video coaching and has a wry and sick sense of humor.  How perfect.

Video Coaching is going to grow. This is an experiment and document of how it can work.

(The cost of in person coaching in AZ is too high right now  – financially and in terms of energy output.  I had the privilege of working with Coach Istvan Dioszegi, who is an outstanding, experienced and talented coach for over a year learning a strong foundation.  I personally feel it would not be possible to move to video/long distance coaching without this basis.)

Dan Bell 

Coach Dan Bell’s Blog

Rubber City Weightlifting/CrossFit Utility

Rubber City Weightlifting

“Rubber City Weightlifting is soon to be the next big name in weightlifting, or we’ll kill ourselves in the effort.’

I turn 50 on Dec. 30 2013.  I am so excited that the amazing CrossFit and Lifting communities offer all kinds of help and support for setting new goals and succeeding. It may take longer than I’d like, but if I have learned one thing from Lifting, it’s that ridiculous word called patience.